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Business Cyber Security

As your trusted IT support provider we work tirelessly to ensure that you and your data are safe. You could say that we’re like the superheroes of your digital world, helping to protect you from a security disaster.

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In the world of business today you can’t move without touching technology. Whether you’re just sending a quick email or accessing all of your company’s important client information, you’re digitally sending data across either your local network or over the internet.

No matter what you’re doing it’s important that your company’s data is safe from online hackers and people trying to exploit you. With a security system designed and optimized for your business we help reduce the risk of infiltration.

Human Error Accounts for 95% of Cyber Attacks

Research indicates 19 out of 20 breaches are the result of human error in some form.
From downloading infected software, weak or irresponsible password management
or failing to install software updates that contain critical security patches.
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How we protect you

Endpoint Protection

From managed antivirus to Microsoft Defender with Microsoft 365, there are multiple ways to protect your endpoint. We work with you to choose the right solution for your devices.

User Training

One of the biggest risks to your infrastructure is user error, we employ a variety of methods to teach your users what they should look out for to stay safe.

Attack Simulation

Email phishing and attack simulation are fantastic tools used to test the robustness of your IT infrastructure. There's a variety of ways that we can run attack simulation.


No matter what size your company is, we can help to guide your business through Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Penetration testing

These are planned breach attempts and can be done both remotely and physically to check for security weaknesses.

Firewall Management

We can manage your physical firewalls to ensure that only traffic that should be going to and from your system is allowed.

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