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Networking solutions

We work with you to ensure that your business network operates as it should.


Connecting the dots...

No-one knows your business like you, so here at Blue Spot we don’t start with your network, we start by understanding how your business works and what you need your IT to do for you.

All of our clients are different and our broad range of knowledge helps us design the right infrastructure for your business network.

We like to utilize the best in network management, using these tools to ensure that we get a good insight into what’s going on at all times in your network, this means that we can log in remotely to your switches and wifi points to see who’s connected to what and diagnose why there’s issues.

Increase productivity

Decrease downtime

Increase security

Relationships first.

It’s our relationships with our customers which help us to
design and implement network solutions that really works


Server supply & setup with connection of computers and other devices.


Network planning & installation of networking ports.


Wireless network planning, setup, installation and access.

Fault finding

Network fault finding, repair and replacement.

Switch installation

Installation of networking cabinets, patch panels & switches.


Existing network restructure services including tidying of server cabs

Call us about your networking requirements
and start experiencing the benefits immediately.