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Broadband & Phone systems

Whether it’s VOIP Phone systems or business broadband you need… We help to make it happen.


Communication is key!

As one of our core values, we deeply believe that communication is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business relationship between supplier and customer.

We’ve always wanted to make getting support for our customers as easy as possible, that’s why we partner with the best broadband and phone system providers, merging your telecommunication system and I.T, giving you just one point of contact for your IT Support, Telephone services and everything in between.

The future is calling

What is a VOIP phone system?

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is from an end user standpoint the same as a traditional phone system, giving everything which a normal phone system does but with one key difference – the whole system is hosted in the cloud. What does this mean for you and your business? Cheaper hardware and less in-house maintenance.

A VoIP phone system gives you much more flexibility than a traditional phone system because you can take and manage calls from your desk phone, but also from your computer and your mobile due to the fact that it is hosted in the cloud, ensuring that you never miss an important call again.


With a VoIP system, you just pay for your license each month so say goodbye to expensive phone systems


Due to it’s cloud based nature, with a VoIP telephone system you can take calls on your mobile, desk phone or computer.


It’s easy to add more phones as your business grows with no disruption, allowing you to carry on doing what you do best.

It's all about communication.

For us, it’s all about effective communication. In fact, it’s one of our core values!

The power of connectivity

Business Broadband solutions

No matter how big your business, whether it’s a new start up or a multi-site growing enterprise, our flexible, affordable and reliable packages offer all you need to stay connected and competitive.

We work to ensure that your main office, satellite offices or home-workers always stay connected or can work with you to add resilience to your current network infrastructure with our range of business broadband solutions.

ADSL Broadband

Up to 17Mbps download
Up to 1Mbps upload
No traffic management
Static IP
Unlimited Usage

Fibre Broadband

Up to 76Mbps download
Up to 19Mbps upload
No traffic management
Static IP
Unlimited Usage

Leased line

Dedicated Line
You specify the speed
No traffic management
Static IP
Unlimited usage

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