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IT Support for the Construction Industry

Whether it’s construction, demolition or both… your IT partner should provide the foundations you need to grow.


Break through the technology barrier

As a member of the construction industry, you know more than anyone how important a solid foundation is, and we believe that business IT support for your construction company should have the same ethos. A strong and reliable IT system for us starts at the core – with a solid relationship that we can work on together, helping us understand what you need your system to achieve.

With extensive experience supporting a variety of clients in the building, demolition and plant hire sectors, we can offer one-off adhoc support and advice. We can also work together with you on a monthly basis to provide a variety of managed IT services covering everything you need.

downtime is not an option

Reliability and speed

Although every companies requirements are different, years of providing IT support for construction, demolition and plant hire industries have taught us that normally the priority is a robust and reliable network.

Many of our customers use programs such as Syrinx plant hire software, which tells the whole company where your equipment should be and when – not having this information, and letting your clients down just isn’t an option.


Communication is key, your customers need to know where their construction, demolition or plant hire project is up to. A reliable IT partner should leave you confident that your system won’t let you down when you need it.


We use military grade encrypted remote backup software and on-site data backup solutions to offer the fastest, most robust and affordable solutions, so you don’t lose any of your important data.


We have SLA agreements in place for all of our maintenance support customers, so you know you’re guaranteed to get a service which will keep you running. Don’t let downtime ruin your deadlines.

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